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As they say – Be seen where everyone is watching. We make brands / startups to reach their potential customers through best optimization & marketing campaigns on YouTube, World's largest video platform. And, promoting a video is much better than writing a blog. DigiVigyan can help you with useful paid marketing formats available on YouTube. Get in touch with our YouTube Expert now!

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Top YouTube Advertising FAQs

  • What is YouTube Ads?

    YouTube ads are a fanastic way to reach your potential customers by topics, keywords, interests, placements, or demographics. These Video campaigns allow you to reach and engage with your audience on YouTube and through Google video partners.

    You can choose from different ad formats depending on your goal. This includes Skippable in-stream ads, Non-skippable in-stream ads, Bumper ads, In-feed video ads, Masthead ads and Responsive display ads.

  • What is the process of YouTube Ads?

    The process starts from creating a YouTube channel and connecting with your target audience through YouTube advertising for your posted videos.

  • What are the benefits of YouTube ads?

    There are numerous benefits of using Google's YouTube Ads for any brand / enterprise or an institution. YouTube offers the biggest audience available One of the best benefits is cost-effectiveness. This is still the most inexpensive way to build brand awareness through promoting exciting videos.

  • Will I need a YouTube channel to advertise?

    Yes! you need a YouTube channel if you want to advertise on YouTube.

  • How much do YouTube ads cost?

    The cost of YouTube ads is totally depend on your campaign cost.

  • What are Bumper Ads on YouTube?

    Bumper ads are a short video ad format (6 seconds or less) available on YouTube ads that Viewers can’t skip. Bumper ads is the best ad format for the new launches and special events and can be especially effective on mobile, where people are often watching videos on the go.

  • How DigiVigyan can help us in executing YouTube Ads?

    With years of experience in managing YouTube campaigns for our clients, we can help you with high performance strategies for your brand awareness and affinity through YouTube ads. With ad management, we also support our clients with YouTube channel creation and video optimizations as well.