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Get a successful app launch in your desired market. DigiVigyan is here to help you achieve your marketing goals through proven-techniques and end-to-end service. We are an expert ASO company and App Marketing agency located in Delhi, India delivering customised ASO strategies, services and performance-oriented marketing campaigns. We cater Startups, SMEs and Corporates in India. Our offerings are designed to uplift an overall traction on your app for long-term benefits.

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App Marketing FAQs

  • What is App Marketing?

    Basic website designing starts with understanding the requirement of the client. If they require a corporate portfolio, customer enquiry or sales.

    Once the scope is defined the next step is choosing the tools and deciding on which technology to be used.

    UI designing will be followed by this. UI designing decides if all the scopes and features are included on the website. Content Development is somethings that goes hand in hand with UI development.

    Next is the real developments part. Once development is completed testing department with test each and every aspect of defined features in the website. After successful testing the last step would be deployment.

  • What is the process of App Marketing?

    Tool selection is an important aspect in website development. We need to decide on the technology and languages to be used on the basis of the scopes defined. How much customization is required for back end and front end? Also have to take into consideration user experience parameters including loading speed. Studies suggests that people tend to leave a website if it makes them waits more than 3 seconds. The best would be always to use the latest version of HTML without any frameworks. But it may vary as per requirement and budget. You need an expert opinion on website development process or tool selection please leave a message contact