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Google Search Ads for Quick Inquries

Best Google Search Advertising Services in Delhi India

Are your looking for quick traffic for your website or inquiries for the services that you offer? Then, you must try Google Search Ads, one of the best options under Google Advertising. With years of experience in running Google ads for many major brands online, we are here to highlight your brand using Google Search Ads. Get in touch with our PPC expert today!

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Benefits of Google Search Ads

Things Included In Our Google Search Ads Management

Google Search Ad Strategy

Custom Strategy

Each business has it's own story and offerings, so a unique strategy is needed. Here at DigiVigyan, we offer customized strategies based on your target audience, geographical reach, and budgets.

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Best Keywords Analysis & Research Agency India

Extensive Keywords Research

Targeting potential customers by selecting the most relevant keywords & phrases that people are searching for on Google. We follow a detailed process of choosing the right set of keywords for the campaign.

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Landing Page Optimization

Landing page needs to be designed to grab attention, communicate your value proposition, and motivate action quickly. Our team of digital marketers checks all important aspects before we go start any campaign.

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Search Ad Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup

Our campaigns setup are solely based on your advertising objectives, brand strategy, target audience, budget and duration. Let us help you create a successful Search ad campaign for you.

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Ad Copy Creations

Ad Copy Creation

Our dedicated team of copywriters create compelling ad copies and assets to attract the targeted audience on Google Search.

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Bid Management and Monitoring

Bid Strategy

Intelligent bid strategy & optimization is a keystone of any successful Google Search campaign. We at DigiVigyan, help you with the best bid strateg to get the best performance as per your campaign objectives.

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Ad Extensions

Use of Extensions

With Ad extensions, we can increase our engagement and possiblity of more click-throughs by adding business informations like an address, phone number, store rating, or more webpage links.

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Ad Campaign Monitoring & Optimizations

Monitoring & Optimizations

This includes several regular checks throughout the campaign duration i.e. monitoring "Search terms", ad copies performance, big management, use of right extensions & many more optimizations.

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Search Ad Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting

We do monthly reportings of the campaign that has all important insights based on KPIs and performance metrics for a Search campaign. With reports, we also create a Way Forward sheet to summaries our new actions.

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Top Google Search Ads FAQs

  • What are Google Search Ads?

    Google Search ads refers to Paid Search ads that will reflect on Google Search results (and Google Search Network) based on your selection of the targeted keywords in a campaign. These ads will reflect on the top and bottom section of Google search results nomiated as "Ads" with Ad copy assets and linking to a landing page.

    Types of Search Ads available on Google Search Network are Text ads, Dynamic Search Ads, responsive search ads, and call-only ads.

  • How it can benefit any brand online?

    Yes! Search campaigns can impact into higher relevant traffic, generate qualified leads and even more footfalls to your store. For all, you just need to setup a campaign through Google Ads or Call a digital marekting agency like DigiVigyan who can help you in Paid campaigns.

  • How much do I have to invest in Paid Search Campaign?

    Budgets should be entriely based on the goals and conversions that we want from a campaign. For having an idea of how much should we invest, we should do an analysis of pre-historic datas through Google tools.

  • Do you create landing pages as well?

    Yes! we do create landing pages as well. We have an extensive experience in developing successful landing pages that can help generating more inquiries and business to our clients.

  • Can a paid search campaign support SEO too?

    Paid Search Campaign and SEO are too different things. SEO works for Organic search results where in Paid Search Ads, you have to go as Pay per click model.