How-To Use Guest Posting in your SEO Strategy?

Over the years, there has been plenty of speculations about the use of guest posting in building your brand but the tactic remains one of the most effective ways to promote yourself and your business. Guest posting as part of your SEO strategy is a prerequisite if you want to dominate your market, find the right kind of customer base and have a greater edge over your competitors.

How to use Guest Posting in your SEO Strategy?

Guest Posting, also known as “Guest Blogging”, is an act of writing content for another website in exchange for a link to Guest Blogger’s website. Generally, guest posting is done for blogs within a similar industry in order to:

• Attract traffic back to their website
• Build their website authority
• Boost their brand credibility in the market
• Increase awareness about their brand.
• Build relationship with peers in the industry

When thinking about the benefits of Guest Posting, SEO is one of the main ones. Building links from high-quality sites is a major ranking factor and will improve your site’s position in search page results.

To achieve all of this and more, you need to constantly come up with immersive and high-quality content. One of the most definitive ways you can do this is by extending your content’s reach to high authority sites through the help of Guest posting. If you are wondering how to use guest posting in your SEO strategy, it’s not that difficult.

How to use Guest Posting in your SEO Strategy?

In this guide, we will share with you how to create and execute successful Guest posting content. By the end of this guide, you will be able to use this strategy to build your website authority and boost your brand visibility in the process.

The SEO Advantages of Guest Posting

Crafting SEO optimized guest posts can be tough but if you get it right, its advantages are huge. Some of its benefits include:

Boosting Brand Authority:
Guest contributing can help to offer and enhance valuable brand exposure. With professional insights, your audience trusts and engages with your content more. This inevitably builds up your brand.

Natural backlinks to your site:
This is one of the most prominent advantages you obtain. You obtain these backlinks from reputable, high authority publications. This helps your website to improve its authority and present itself as giving high-quality content. Taking this into consideration, Google PageRank algorithm will think of your website as relevant and authoritative.

Building Domain Authority:
Getting highly-relevant backlinks from top website with high domain authority will boost your domain authority in the process. Domain authority is the metric developed by Moz, that predict the ability of your website to rank in search engines.

How do you find Guest Posting opportunities for SEO?

If you are going to use Guest Posting, you have to do it right. Let us look at steps you need to follow to find guest posting opportunities:

How to use Guest Posting in your SEO Strategy?

Identify your Goals
It is essential to have a goal in mind before you plan guest posting as an activity. For SEO, it is important to generate high-quality backlinks from high authoritative websites. Guest posting serves as a medium to improve your website authority by linking with popular websites.

Find website for Guest Posting
Your next important task would be to find relevant and high-authority sites to guest post to. At the same time, these websites need to accept Guest posting and is actively looking for content. To search for Guest posting opportunities, one of the simplest ways is to use Google search and type:

[Your Topic Keyword] + “ Write for us”

[Your Topic Keyword] + “Become a contributor”

For Eg. [Guest Posting] + “Write for us”

Another way to find guest posting opportunities is to analyze your competitor backlinks and find where they have guest posted to build their website authority in the space. This way you can effectively replicate the success tactics your competitors have used to grow their brand.

How to use Guest Posting in your SEO Strategy?

Select Relevant Websites
Once you list down the websites that are operating in similar field as you are, you need to analyze the website traffic, domain authority and pick out the ones that are high-quality and can help you achieve your set goals. Removing websites that have high spam score or are irrelevant for your content is an important step to maximize returns from this activity.

Make Your Pitch
You need to craft a winning pitch that’s personal to each website basis the type of content they publish. Keep your pitch short and to the point, use website owner name to address them, add your post title in the email subject line to grab their interest, describe the post in brief and how your content is better than what they have on their website, mention how this will be useful to their users, show them you are looking to be a long term contributor to their website. You can also show the website owner how they can internally link the content to some of the great content articles they have on their website.

Content Guidelines for SEO-ready Guest Post

Once accepted, you need to write a great post and use the best SEO practices to make the post user friendly and link it to your website properly.

Write an awesome Headline
Writing a great headline is an art in itself. Some of the best headlines:
• Include the benefit for the reader
• Use action words
• Tap into emotion

Research Keyword Phrases
Carrying our keyword research for the content you would be posting to optimize your content is essential for your guest content to ranks well in search engines and drives traffic to website owner’s website. So, just like you’d do for your own content, carry out some keyword research to find a couple of core phrases you can use to optimize it.

Link Appropriately
While posting, you should include relevant internal and external links in the guest post. Within the content, link to popular content from the site you’re writing for, and useful resources on your own website to create relevant and high-quality links. This will help give the content a good link profile, which is also good for SEO and building authority. Also, make sure you follow any linking guidelines set out by site owners.

How to use Guest Posting in your SEO Strategy?

Include Images
Images that are relevant underline your main points and help reader grasp the content in an easy manner. Images break up the text and make it easier for readers to read the content. However, finding images can be a hassle, so unless site owners prefer to do this themselves, help them out by including or suggesting relevant images for your guest post.

Add Image Alt text
Add relevant keywords in your image alt text to define the images to Google crawlers. This is an essential SEO practice, which will help your guest post to rank well in search engine and drive traffic to guest posting website.

Format the Post Correctly
Finally, format the post so it matches others on the site. Make a note of how they use sub-headings, capitalization, bold text, lists, etc. The less work you leave for site owners to do, the more popular you’ll be. Some sites provide guidelines for guest post writers, in which case, all you need to do is follow them. 

Write a good bio
Bio is useful to enable the reader to identify you and follow you if they like the content. Writing a good bio helps your to build your brand awareness and enable the reader to check out your website you have linked to. Sometimes, bio is the only place where you get to link back to your own site and resources. Options commonly offered include:

• A single link to your home page
• A link to any page/resource on your site
• A link to your site plus a social media link
• A couple of web and social media links

If you follow these guidelines, you guest posted content will deliver the results you are focusing on. It will make guest posting website owner trust you as well in the process. You can use this approach to build content for all websites you listed down for Guest posting.

As you build Guest posting as an important part of your SEO strategy, you will gain highly-relevant backlinks from targeted websites, using which you can explore more such opportunities in future from other high-authoritative websites.

This will help you build your brand authority in the segment and boost your domain authority which you require to rank higher on Google.


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